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455.  MG
Vlad baby! It's been a long time. But I cannot remember who you are. Oh well.


20.04.2015 11.18

454.  Vladyusha
Maria I remember you


19.04.2015 19.29

453.  MG
Helga! Do you not realise this is the internet!?! And that loonies and eejits the world over will read your indiscretions? Ah, I thought not. No matter.


25.03.2015 18.05

452.  Helga Spermatazoa
Hello Martin! What did you mean when you asked me to "bend over and grab my ankles?"

24.03.2015 8.06

451.  MG
Seems that the guestbook is playing up again - check your email, Mr Toomey!


28.02.2015 12.51

450.  mick toomey
i did not know he passed away. but he played on the most outstanding l.p. a true classic. i always wanted to know what was it like to play with sparks. i've seen them live back in the 70's.

21.02.2015 6.10

449.  MG
Ah, please to be be greeting the citizens of Titicaca from me! 'Caca' sounds very like 'kaka' which, in German, means excrement. Not many people know that. Apart from the Germans, of course.


04.02.2015 1.20

448.  Gomez
Hello Senior Martin! Happy New Year mi amigo! I am still here in Peru, enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of our beloved Titicaca! Take care and may your pet raccoon quickly recover from his recent bout of left wing commie pinko tendencies.

09.01.2015 21.25

447.  MG
Ah, Mssrs Mort, Adam and Rob!
Apparently the guestbook now functions again. I thank your for your messages and rest assured that there will, that it will be and see my email.


07.01.2015 17.43

446.  Mort
Happiest New Year wishes to you! Hopefully, there will be a new Martin Gordon CD released soon!

07.01.2015 10.14

445.  Adam
Happy New Year Martin .

31.12.2014 20.02

444.  Robert of Walkergate
I saw Sparks at Barbican and confirm that you indeed did get a mention. Most thanks went to Muff Winwood mind. Thank God, My Family and, strangely, Equator seemed to work best. Though there was some fine castanet work in Hasta Manana. Second half seemed to make more sense.
Anyway, the following day came across a copy of first two albums with unexpected bonus track of I Like Girls. This sounds like the missing link between Woofer and Kimono. Indeed, when reading the sleeve notes of awful Big Beat when I got back home, there was mention of this tune being demoed during the Kimono sessions.
What are your recollections of this?
How is the Gilbert O'Sullivan ( Ha, ha! See what I did there?) project going?
Keep up the good work!

27.12.2014 20.49

443.  MG
Hi Adam - where indeed... Glad you are still alive and well! We will always have Glastonbury... Greetings from Berlin.


25.12.2014 18.42

442.  adam
hi Martin - merry xmas to all hope your keeping well - been a long time since I've been in contact - 10 years since Glastonbury convention where do the years go -- went to the 40th anniversary gig for KMH - Russell even mentioned and thanked you along with Adrian and Dinky - wow! keep well Adam.

22.12.2014 21.33

441.  MG
Well well well. Dorset, eh... Dorset, after all this time. Who'd ever have thought it. Dorset. Wait a minute, that almost rhymes. Surrey. I'm in a hurry. Cambs/full of baby lambs... Blimey, I think I'm onto something here. Sorry, gotta go.


06.12.2014 20.17

440.  David
Martin Gordon, what a guy ­ He came he saw, he went home for a spot of lunch, came back and started again....... And always has had the time to chat or email ..... Time has improved him like a fine wine, raise your glasses ­ A true legend in his own lunchtime! Greetings from sunny DORSET.

06.12.2014 13.44

439.  MG
All right, all right, do stop going on about it! You're impressing nobody, you know.


28.11.2014 20.53

438.  Old Greg
Whatcha doin' in my waters?

26.11.2014 22.54

437.  Old Greg
Whatcha doin' in my waters?

26.11.2014 22.53

436.  MG
Tubas? Don't mind if I do. Nice to see that the guestbook has come back from its holidays, by the way. Now I'm off shopping for platinum-coloured paint, and later I will purchase my own pressing plant.


24.10.2014 13.22

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