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441.  MG
Well well well. Dorset, eh... Dorset, after all this time. Who'd ever have thought it. Dorset. Wait a minute, that almost rhymes. Surrey. I'm in a hurry. Cambs/full of baby lambs... Blimey, I think I'm onto something here. Sorry, gotta go.


06.12.2014 20.17

440.  David
Martin Gordon, what a guy ­ He came he saw, he went home for a spot of lunch, came back and started again....... And always has had the time to chat or email ..... Time has improved him like a fine wine, raise your glasses ­ A true legend in his own lunchtime! Greetings from sunny DORSET.

06.12.2014 13.44

439.  MG
All right, all right, do stop going on about it! You're impressing nobody, you know.


28.11.2014 20.53

438.  Old Greg
Whatcha doin' in my waters?

26.11.2014 22.54

437.  Old Greg
Whatcha doin' in my waters?

26.11.2014 22.53

436.  MG
Tubas? Don't mind if I do. Nice to see that the guestbook has come back from its holidays, by the way. Now I'm off shopping for platinum-coloured paint, and later I will purchase my own pressing plant.


24.10.2014 13.22

435.  Billy Mole
Play me a song, you're the fishy dancing man! Play me a song for free! Hi Martin! Have you ever farted into a tuba? It's a great way to get rid of your wife. Christie divorced me on account of my irritating habit of...well, you know. Hope you are well and getting some!

18.10.2014 6.36

434.  MG
Ahh, the Pooftones, my favourite band of all time. Well, one of my favourites. OK, I say favourites, I mean I have heard them. Or of them. Or was that the Putins?

Anyway, jolly good luck to you, it's a man's world in the rawk business, and you will be needing all the ueber-manly bass sounds which you can pick up along the way, but not moles. I mean that's obvious, of course, it scarcely needs pointing out.


12.04.2014 14.11

433.  Knurlman
Hey! I play bass in a Sparks cover group called the Pooftones. We were wondering how you got that manly sound on your Ricky back in '74 when you recorded the Kimono My House album. We are truly fans of that edition of Sparks with the exception of the Moles.

09.04.2014 11.23

432.  Ron Really
You know, I was just thinking about a rock opera based on vegetable love and bright young men. Maybe I could thrust a few fishy moments in there, choreography depending. What's it worth?


07.04.2014 0.00

431.  Pete Townsend
Martin, don't you think it's time for a "rock opera" based on moles and fishy dancing?

05.04.2014 21.19

430.  MG
Ahh, Vlad baby! I am indeed glad to see that finally some serious action has been taken about the senseless proliferation of fishy dancing. I can only hope that the world takes notice as once again Russia leads the way in terms of there being no pooves allowed, although I do like your butch pix with dead animals and large stallions, I must say.


31.03.2014 13.41

429.  V Putin
As Martin Gordon can most certainly attest, the outrageous behavior of the Ukrainians is the fault of those arch-poofters, The Mole Brothers! The epidemic of "fishy dancing" that preceded the invasion is by all rights, a prophylactic response aimed at preventing this "fishy dancing" from spreading to Russia. i hope this clears the air regarding our actions. Sieg heil!!!

24.03.2014 3.59

428.  Nigel Lumberjack
Mr Oldfart! I am not convinced that you are not in fact Mr RW Fencing under another, less believable guise. I am also disappointed that you stoop to this level of personal abuse, and can assure you that in this depot at least, personal hygiene is considered to play an important role. Excuse me, I have to open a window.


02.12.2013 22.36

427.  Mike Oldfart
Martin, thanks for the help re-mixing Tubular Smells! Next time I'll make sure we have enough air freshener.

24.11.2013 10.30

426.  Brian Post
Dear Mr RW Fencing

We are very plea that you are have the correck infomation i.e. re: viz. fencing on the post. Please return to keep update with all post infomations and developine!

You're sauce of posting infomations!


02.11.2013 18.16

425.  Rite Way Fencing
I read this post and got many useful information with this post. It contains very informative matter. I would like to come here again. This type of posting should go on.


26.10.2013 0.51

424.  MG
Absolutely! I know a few thigh-slappers who could get us going down the right track, I believe. They can double on cowbell.


20.08.2013 11.31

423.  Lee Derhosen
Super idea Martin! Shall we have a whack at it?

18.08.2013 9.39

422.  MG
Yo Bubba!

It's all good. Yodelling? It is very flat here, and consequently no yodellers are to be found. But we could dress up as Swiss cowherders, how would that be?


06.08.2013 12.51

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